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Find Out Why People Keep Coming Back


JOURNEY INTO POWER (JIP): Experience Baptiste Power Yoga in a series of poses that flow from one to the next. This practice is designed to give access to vitality, power and freedom. All levels are welcome and options are given to modify and intensify the poses to make it accessible to anyone.

POWER FLOW: Take your practice to the next level through this 60 minute class based off the Journey into Power sequence. This is an intense physical practice providing challenge, yet all levels are welcome. Options to both modify and intensify the poses make it accessible to anyone.

SLOW FLOW: This class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored. It is a slower sequence based off the Journey into Power sequence with more emphasis on the back half of the flow. Opening poses are held for longer periods to create a release in muscle tension and an overall relaxed feeling. It’s a great way to start or end your day!

RELAX & RESTORE: Relax your body and Restore your mind with gentle stretching, passive holds and meditation. This class will allow you to slow down and create a balance for the "busy" in your life, providing a sense of peace and calm in your day.

FLOW & RESET: Set yourself up for the rest of your week with a gentler, slower version of our foundational Journey into Power sequence. Each class will focus on bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit through the combination of movement, Energy medicine techniques, essential oils and meditation -ending in a blissful savasana. 

SCULPT 45: A 45 minute minute group exercise class to build strength, tone muscle and increase your metabolism using weights, bands and other props. Sweat and stretch in a heated 90 degree room.

PRENATAL YOGA: Prenatal yoga is a form of gentle yoga that is designed to complement the growing needs of a pregnant body during all three trimesters. The focus is on restorative poses that keep you safe while practicing movement, stretching, deep breathing, and mental centering.

POSTPARTUM YOGA: By using techniques like gentle movement, balancing asanas, breathing, and relaxation, postnatal yoga aids in the healing and recovery of the body and mind after giving birth. Regaining physical fitness and learning to manage mood swings associated with hormonal shifts can both benefit from moderate, focused exercise.

SLOW FLOW TO YIN: Warm up with a gentle flow and then finish with long holds and passive stretches designed to release your fascia, improve joint mobility and help reduce stress and anxiety.

30/30: Expect 30 minutes of HITT followed by 30 minutes of Yoga. HITT is offered as a body weight class but also incorporates bands and weights.

YOGA EXPRESS: This all levels class will leave you feeling awake and empowered. You will spend 45 minutes in a JIP based flow. Come prepared to move your body.

POWER TO YIN: This 75 minute class will begin with a powerful journey into power flow designed to build strength, heat and add a cardio element to practice. The second half of practice will be all about letting go and creating deep release. It is the perfect balance of both ease and effort. Bring to your mat pillows, straps blocks if you have them.

WEEKLY RESET: This is an all levels class set to music. Expect to flow and warm up the body for the first half of class and spend the second half stretching, opening and resting deeply. Extra assists and prop work will create muscle memory and a deeper release

COMMUNITY CLASSES: This is a Donation/ Free class suggested donation is $5. Cash, check or Venmo are accepted. All proceeds go to support 3 River's Yoga Foundation and its mission to foster health and well-being by putting yoga principles into practice through education, opportunity and accessibility. Classes are not heated and lead by a variety of instructors both new and experienced

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